Will Disney soon be acquired by Apple? Bob Iger responds to this crazy rumor

JVTech News Will Disney soon be acquired by Apple? Bob Iger responds to this crazy rumor

While the rumor that evoked the possibility of a merger between Apple and Disney with the return of Bob Iger at the helm of the company returned to the fore, the latter responded to this insistent corridor noise: declarations that should set the record straight.

If you are at least a little interested in the latest news from the House of Mickey Mouse, two pieces of information will probably not have escaped you these days: the first concerns the return as CEO of Bob Iger. The latter had left this position in 2020, earlier to return after the hasty departure of Bob Chapekwhose results have not been up to par.

The second piece of information is a consequence of the first: it isa rumor regarding Apple’s potential acquisition of Disney. If these speculations have been around for years, this is the site The casing who brought them back on stage a week ago, evoking the confidences of a “Disney Interior”. This presented Bob Iger as a being “the last negotiator”for which the sale of the company represented the “the pinnacle of the deal”.

Bob Iger, ready to sell Disney? The CEO replies

A hallway noise that inevitably reached Bob Iger’s ears. The 71-year-old businessman, who no doubt thought he was enjoying a well-deserved retirement, has agreed to return to the helm of the powerful US firm to try to raise the bar after the stock market crash since January. In a speech to Disney employees on Monday morning, Bob Iger said, ” surprised” from the fact that the company is asking for his return, even though he had the same “I thought this could happen”.

The question related to the alleged merger between Disney and Apple was therefore asked by an employee of the big-eared company. Bob Iger responded bluntly: “It’s just pure speculation”he explained, adding that he didn’t expect any major upheavals or major acquisitions during his second tenure as CEO.

Bob Iger then developed his idea explaining that, according to him, it was indispensable “focus on resources” present at Disney. It also has confirmed that the hiring freeze will continue, because the company must above all reorganize its way of operating and rationalize the costs of the various services. In short, to keep its head above water, Disney will focus on its existing businesses and not seek to expand further : This is the message sent by Bob Iger.

The end of a rumor fueled by… Bob Iger

Ultimately, this rumor of an Apple takeover of Disney was brushed aside by Disney’s new CEO. Interestingly, it was Bob Iger himself who put a coin back in the machine in 2021, although he was retired at the time. During an interview with the American media CNBC, had estimated that Apple and Disney would likely have merged if Steve Jobs hadn’t died in 2011.“I’m sure we would have had this discussion. I think we could have done it”he said. Steve Jobs and Bob Iger became friends after Disney bought Pixar in 2006.

But times are changingSteve Jobs is gone, and Bob Iger’s mission is now more about saving the Disney ship than expanding it. We can therefore expect changes from Mickey Mouse, but not necessarily the ones fantasized by some.

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