Will coronavirus restrictions come back? Flash statements from Minister Koca

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Nobody could predict the pandemic. It was not possible to be predictable anyway. The situation was quite poor can be affected Turkey. More Iran was a transition period that we did not expect. We became more worried when there was a transition period to Iran. You know we took strict measures. Especially early in the limits shutdown, turn off the flight is to build in a field hospital at the border at a time when serious only border crossing measures at day 4 thousand to 4 thousand 500 people came Turkey was to have disposed of that effect. After the period of transition to Europe and Turkey affected by heavy traffic due to the European situation could not be said. For this reason, Istanbul has become the first center of the wave in Turkey.



We know that many associations have a total effect of transitions. I can say that if umrah had an effect, it did not have a serious effect on the total. Of course it had an effect. The fact that there was heavy traffic in Istanbul was 1.3 million people coming from abroad only in March. It was not possible for Istanbul, with such an intense relationship, not to be affected. Let me state this very clearly. If I need to give Iran as an example, when the first effect started in Iran, we, as the Scientific Committee, discussed and worried a lot. It was Wednesday on such a day, and I met with the Iranian Minister of Health on Friday. I stated that the city of Kum should be quarantined. They stated that we should not be worried about this. I went to the funeral of one of our martyrs with our President on Saturday and stated that the situation was important. By getting in his car, I stated that the situation in Iran is not good and we will be seriously affected by this. They stated that they met with Mr. Rouhani and that it was not a problem. I have conveyed more concrete information. The measure to be taken at that time was the closing of the borders. I say this from here, to be a concrete example of the speed and results of the Presidential Government System in the decisions taken. Decisions are made by looking at the data. We have been in constant contact with all relevant ministries.


In particular, the pandemic is a struggle in which 83 million people must fight together. Even though there are those who think differently, we have to ensure the unity of 83 million. Nobody has the right to demoralize our citizens. We must be in a discourse that preserves this mission and makes the motivation of 83 million strong. Here I am telling you from day one. I am saying that all the numbers I have given are correct. We have a very serious infrastructure for data. We provide the information our citizens need. There was a situation like this. ‘Why was the case passed on to the patient’ In the world test policy, he was in an approach to report positive ones by making widespread testing. We have a testing approach in the form of testing a person with two symptoms from the first day in Turkey. We tested those with symptoms and reported them to WHO. At a time when the world was normalizing, Europe changed its testing policy. We mostly started to not come to the hospital unless there was respiratory distress, and we started to conduct sections scans and field studies for people who had no symptoms except those who had symptoms with the widespread normalization at that time. How do we define the patient? We define it as a person with a patient finding test positive. We preferred to separate them as patients because we did it to people with symptoms.




We do not think the restrictions go on any street for Turkey. In order to prevent this increase, citizens should be sensitive especially at the mask point. The mask has properties that prevent all upper respiratory viral infections. We think that the more sensitive we show, the more successful we will be.


We are trying to see the course of universities, especially with the opening of MEB schools in this period. By seeing the development in the epidemic and the infection rates in that age group regarding the classes opened in the coming weeks, a decision or suggestion will be made accordingly. Of course, schools will be opened in the coming period, but it will be gradual according to the course of this pandemic.


Let our citizens be sure that no one who has hired his mind, his mind, and somehow make sure that we will be against and fight against every thought in the point of focus somewhere.


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