Will Corona deprive hundreds of Argentine players of their salaries?

Despite reaching the age of 36, Argentine soccer star Carlos Tevez of Boca Juniors is still among the highest-paid players in Argentine football today.

Tevez is among 288 players at the top of the salary hierarchy in football in Argentina now, with their monthly earnings reaching $ 500,000, according to a report published by the famous Argentine newspaper “La Nacion” on its website Monday.

This number represents 57.7% of the 3,800 professional players currently contracting with Argentine clubs.

On the other hand, the base of the salary pyramid of football professionals in Argentina witnesses a large number of players, each of whom earns about 20 thousand US dollars per month, and they are the players who belong to the third (A) clubs and they have the lowest level of salaries among all those who get paid for their work in football fields The foot.

The huge difference between the two categories is evident, where the top category players earn 25 times the salary of the base of the pyramid category, and this difference is also evident in the volume of follow-up that these players have on their social media pages via the Internet.

The players at the top of the salary hierarchy in Argentine football also enjoy enormous advantages and capabilities resulting from these distinguished salaries. Among these advantages is their enjoyment of owning luxury cars and luxurious homes and spending vacations in the most beautiful beaches of the world, according to the “La Nacion” report.

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While the stars of this category can choose their way of life, players of the lower salary categories seek only for life in any way, knowing that they do not even have many “liked” mentions on social networks via the Internet.

With his busy football career, his many transfers between clubs, his great experience in the world of European professionalism and his return to Boca Juniors, one of the magnates of Argentine football, Tevez represents the successful Argentine footballer.

That is why Tevez “Apache” is among the 288 professionals at the top of the football salary pyramid in Tango.

On the contrary, there is the player Ariel Caferata who grabbed the limelight by setting a record in the history of Argentine football in the number of matches he played with the same playing shirt.

Caverata is about to turn 40, but he is among many players who just want to stay on the field in order to get a salary that guarantees him life in any way.

The player said in an interview with “La Nacion” over the phone that he does not believe that there is any player from the third division who can live without receiving his monthly salary, which guarantees him the payment of the bills, but nothing remains for him after fulfilling his basic needs and paying his due obligations.

“We live like a public servant who earns the lowest wages. We are not getting superstitious salaries,” said the veteran player, who runs a bar during his spare time, noting that he bought this bar with his life savings.

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In the Argentine League, there are many more people like Caverata than Tevez.

Professional football in itself represents a success in a country like Argentina where only one player reaches the First Division out of every 100 players starting their careers in the ninth division.

“La Nacion” also indicated that the number of Argentine players who are professional outside their country is now 972, according to a questionnaire conducted by the International Center for Sports Studies. Only two countries surpass this number, which export more professionals outside their borders, namely Brazil (1,600 professionals) and France (1,027 professionals).

While professionals with high and imaginative salaries can stay for months without getting their salaries, those with meager salaries suffer from losing any part of their salaries, which is expected to cast a dark shadow on Argentine football in the coming period, especially since 2100 contracts (representing 55 percent of players’ contracts in Argentine football (currently), and most of them are on meager wages. Their contracts will expire on June 30th.

Mystery surrounds the fate of hundreds of these professionals and their families, in light of the current stoppage of competitions due to the Corona epidemic crisis.

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