Will cinemas survive the crisis? ‘The movie experience is gone’

Director Patty Jenkins has already seen her movie Wonder Woman shifted three times. She is ringing the alarm in America and asking the government to support cinemas, because they are on the verge of collapse.

The film industry is indeed hard hit by the corona crisis, says film producer Tim Koomen. “Regal Cinema has recently collapsed in America. All 550 cinemas have been closed”, he tells EditieNL.

That is bad news for filmmakers. “Of course you want your films to hit theaters,” says Koomen. The fact that there is now a maximum of thirty visitors per room in the Netherlands is also far from ideal. “You really make a film for a large audience. You want to feel the atmosphere in the room. That’s not like it was before corona now.”

Different feeling

He notices that himself. “I was in the cinema this week and the whole movie experience is gone. The thirty people who were there had to sit far apart and wore mouth masks. The feeling of ‘a nice night out’ has disappeared.”

Tenet is the first blockbuster to hit theaters again since the corona crisis. “It has generated about 300 million euros worldwide. That seems a lot, but the film cost about 500 million euros.”

Ron Sterk, director of Vue Cinemas, has had to put in a lot of extra effort to achieve a little turnover since the crisis. “During the autumn holidays, we will start showing films at half past eight in the morning. That is really unusual for the cinema world. In this way we hope to be able to offer enough capacity”, he tells EditieNL.

Enough enthusiasm

Still, he sees the future of the biosocope brightly. “We are indeed not happy since corona. But last year we still had the highest number of visitors in years. Even now, during the crisis, there is still a lot of enthusiasm. People really still enjoy going to the cinema.”

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