Will Brie Larson and Pomme find themselves singing a duet?

Although unlikely, things are becoming clearer … A week ago, the flagship singer of intimate French pop resumed her song “Je ne sais pas danser” (from her album “Les failles” released in the fall of 2019) in a video shared on his Instagram account. Burgundy bob screwed on the head and acoustic guitar for only accompaniment, the cover reminded us strangely of a previous post that went viral. And the caption, added by the artist, confirmed our suspicions: “@Brielarson, when do we sing it as a duet? », She wrote, with the spontaneous phrasing that we know him. But an echo to what?

The publication in question was indeed that of the Californian actress. On March 10, she took off her Captain Marvel costume to grab her guitar. And what was the surprise: Brie Larson sings Apple as well as she knows how to act. “The real reason I take French lessons is to be able to sing beautiful songs like this [« Je ne sais pas danser »], she tweeted. Touched, the singer with sensitive strings had reacted with an “Oh my heart exploded.” »And it did not take more to ignite the canvas, already ready to welcome a collaboration between the two artists.

“To see us in reality … sing, talk … that would be very good”

And it would seem that the latter is taking shape. After an unbearable radio silence for a few days, the ex-DJ reacted to Apple’s “subtle” proposal. “To actually see us… sing, talk… that would be great. (I know my French isn’t that good. I’m learning. Sorry), ”she said in a comment saturated with cute emojis. Discussions to which we will have to remain attentive in the coming weeks. Because the Marvel universe could quite meet that of French melancholy pop. And why not on the occasion of recording an original soundtrack? As when the singer crowned female artist of the year at the last Victoires de la Musique lent her voice to the series “Away” by Hillary Swank.

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