Will Belarus invade Ukraine and what will happen to Kherson before August 2022 VIDEO

What will be the future of the Ukrainian city of Kherson, as well as other Russian-occupied military territories in Ukraine? The famous Ukrainian psychic Max Gordeev speaks on the topic.

He noted that many occupied cities will return to Ukraine this summer.

Many occupied cities will return to Ukraine and everything will be fine. This will happen before August 2022.

You have to understand that no one has abandoned anyone, “Gordeev was quoted as saying by UNIAN.

He also commented on the likelihood of Belarus attacking Ukraine. According to him, it is “minimal”.

“We are fraternal peoples – this cannot happen,” said the psychic.

He is sure that the Belarusians sympathize with the Ukrainians because of the war.

“We have the same blood. We used to share our experience as young countries. Now this mustachioed parasite Lukashenko wants to defend himself as much as possible. He saw that Ukrainians were receiving a large number of weapons and believed that Ukraine would “step on” Belarus.. “There are chances that Belarus will attack us, but they are minimal,” Gordeev said.

He added that Alexander Lukashenko could end his rule in the country very soon.

Translation and editing: BLITZ

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