Wiler City Council applies for a new energy department

The Wiler city council announced a series of resolutions and statements on September 6, 2021. Among other things, the city’s activities in the energy sector are to be combined in a new energy department.

  • To the interpellation by Silvia Ammann (SP) “The water quality of the Wiler brooks is unsatisfactory! “ replies the city council that it is continuously striving to improve the water quality sustainably. Several projects are in preparation in this regard.
  • The city council has the interpellation of Pascal Stieger (SVP) “Climate action – where is the financial transparency in our city’s annual accounts?” answered. He writes that in the previous two budgets as well as in the comments on the bill, detailed information was provided about the planned or implemented ecological projects or climate measures. However, in addition to the Energy Fund, Energy City, pre-financing and reserves, various financial resources are currently being created, which unfortunately make a quick overview difficult.
  • The activities of the city of Wil in the energy sector are to be included in an Fenergy substitute be summarized. In this context, the city council applies to the city parliament for an annually recurring loan of a maximum of 59,088.60 francs for the creation of a 50% position “specialist in energy advice / funds”.
  • The city council submits this to the city parliament Regulations on supplementary childcare in preschool age in the city of Wil. These regulations serve as the legal basis for the subsidization of parental tariffs and the conclusion of performance agreements in the area of ​​childcare in addition to the family.
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