“Wildfrost” – The Deck-Building Strategy Game – Launching on April 12th for Steam and Nintendo Switch with Enemy and Ally Countdown Mechanism in Card Battles.

Publisher Chucklefish announced on March 30 that Deadpan Games/Gaziter’s deck-building strategy game “wildfrost]Will be distributed on April 12th. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam) / Nintendo Switch, and the price is 2300 yen. The game supports Japanese display.

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Wildfrost is a deck-building strategy game with roguelike elements. In the world of this work, the sun is frozen due to an event called Wild Frost, resulting in eternal winter. And the survivors live in the last stronghold, Snowwell. There, the tribal leader travels to the Temple of the Sun, hoping to end the frozen world.

In this work, the player progresses through a randomly generated map and battles with enemies. Skills and stats are randomly applied to the main character, the leader of the tribe. Then, start the journey with the initial card deck, and perform a battle in which both camps face each other in the field of 2 lanes in the front, middle, and back rows, and if the leader is defeated, the game is over.

Battles are turn-based using a card deck. Cards can attack enemies, heal allies, give specific buffs and debuffs, and also have fellow characters that can participate in battles. Not only for victory, but also to protect the leader, it is important to place your allies well on the field and let them fight.

One of the features of this work is the counter system. Allied and enemy characters have counters, and each time the player uses a card in the deck, the turn advances and the counter value decreases. And when it reaches zero, the character automatically activates a unique action.

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In other words, although it is a turn-based battle, the enemy and ally characters do not perform actions such as attacks every turn. Therefore, players can not only use cards to directly attack the enemy, but also strengthen allies, inflict status ailments on the enemy, or advance the count of allies to adjust the attack timing while considering the countdown situation of each character. Strategic thinking is tested, such as making adjustments. If you defeat the enemy leader, you win.

In addition to battles, there are various squares on the map where you can randomly obtain new cards such as friends and items, discard unnecessary cards in the deck, or purchase cards and amulets at the shop. Existence. Amulets are items that can be customized by adding specific effects to any card. And after advancing through the map, a boss battle awaits.

If you lose the battle, return to the town of Snowwell and start over. In towns, new buildings are constructed by meeting certain conditions during play. As the town expands, cards, challenge elements, and events will be unlocked, and the adventure will become more fulfilling. In addition, game modes other than the main story such as daily challenges are also available.

“Wildfrost” is a PC (Steam)/Nintendo SwitchIt is scheduled to be delivered on April 12th. Reservations have already started for Nintendo Switch, and a trial version has been distributed. If you are interested, you should try this one first.

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