“Wildfires Ravage Halifax, Nova Scotia: 18,000 Evacuated and Emergency Declared”

Reuters reports on the fire situation in Halifax. The Canadian state of Nova Scotia is still out of control. After late on May 28, 2023, the municipality declared a local state of emergency for 7 days, which had to look at the situation whether it could be canceled quickly or extended. In addition, thousands of homes in the area have been evacuated. and not allowed to return to the house until advice from municipal officials The cause of the forest fire is under investigation. And there were no reports of deaths or injuries. Other impacts include power outages and the closure of many schools.

About 18,000 people have been evacuated, Halifax Mayor Mike Savage said. Sunday’s order covers Hammonds Plains, Upper Tantallon and Pockwock. These suburban communities are home to many of the city’s workers. and about 15 miles from Halifax. Neighbors surrounded by the woods were restless all night.

The city of Halifax has a population of 403,131 as of 2016, with a population of 316,701 in the metropolitan area, centered around Halifax Port. Regional councils are made up of four former councils which were merged in 1996: Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford and the municipalities of Halifax County.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted that the bushfire situation in the area incredibly serious The government is ready to help.

in the city of St Andrews New Brunswick Mayor Brad Henderson of St Andrews said about 400 homes had been evacuated and progress was being made to extinguish the fire. But still unable to control

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Wildfires in Alberta in the west It is home to a large crude oil production plant in Canada. after the most severe forest fires The situation has eased. This allows oil and gas producers to resume production.

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