Wildfire in Turkey reaches thermal power plant

Photo: Anadolu

The flame has already spread to the CHP

The staff of the Kemekei station has been evacuated. Flammable and explosive materials were removed from the site.

In Turkey, a severe forest fire has reached the thermal power plant in Kemekei, located in the Milas district of the southwestern province of Mugla. It is reported by Anadolu Wednesday 4 August

It is indicated that the fire, spreading under the influence of a strong wind, reached the wire fence of the CHP plant.

The station personnel was evacuated, flammable and explosive materials were removed from the site.

In turn, the mayor of the city, Mukhamment Tokat, said that the flame had already spread to the thermal power plant.

“The flame has engulfed the thermal power plant, the personnel are being evacuated, in connection with which sirens sound,” he wrote in Twitter.

Recall Turkey has been unable to cope with fires for a week – from 28 July. Since then, 160 fires have been localized, 14 fires are still continuing.

As you know, on July 30, two firefighting aircraft of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine flew to Turkey to extinguish the centers of forest fires. Since the beginning of the work, the planes have carried out 61 water discharges – 488 tons.

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