Wild strike among Schiphol cleaners, no hindrance for travelers | NOW

According to the FNV trade union, a wild strike has broken out among the cleaners at Schiphol. The union says that the activists are angry that not all cleaners can claim the summer bonus that Schiphol recently promised to staff because of the crowds at the airport.

These include cleaners who clean aircraft. A wildcat strike means that it is not organized by the union itself, but by the employees themselves. According to a spokesperson, FNV is not directly involved. The union has been asked to mediate in the conflict.

FNV director Herrie Hoogenboom is currently talking to about 100 to 150 activists who have gathered on the square in front of Schiphol Plaza. They want to enter into a dialogue with Schiphol with the FNV member and a small delegation of cleaners.

The airport says that a group of people has indeed gathered on the square. This would currently have “no impact on the operation”, is all a Schiphol spokesperson can say about this.

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