Wife Hurts Husband is in the same bed with another woman, is being hit with

Suara.com – Police officer from India caught wife one bed with another woman. The moment of the raid was caught and immediately went viral on social media.

In a video that has been circulating on Indian social media, it shows the moment when a wife raided her husband who was in the same bed with another woman.

The video initially showed the wife and several knocking on rooms at a hotel reportedly in Jaipur, India.

When they managed to enter the room, a pair of naked women and men were seen in the same bed and asleep.

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Seeing her husband was making out with another woman, she immediately pulled the blanket and beat him. He was also seen slapping and hitting the woman.

Several people who were at the scene then tried to control the atmosphere and restrain the woman from committing violence.

Police officers in India were raided by his wife when he was in bed with another woman.[Jam Press via The Sun]

Adapt First India News Tuesday (27/7/2021), the man was a police officer in The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF).

The unidentified police officer is suspected of having an affair with another woman known to a teacher in Jodhpur, India.

The police officer’s wife became suspicious when the husband received suspicious calls for hours. After that, he started to investigate it himself.

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Eventually, his wife and brother managed to track down the man. She found her husband having fun alone at the hotel located in Shastringar, Jaipur.

After the video went viral, the woman suspected of being an affair with the police officer filed a lawsuit. He felt humiliated and harassed in public.

The police are now investigating the case further and are questioning 6 people, including the CRPF officer’s wife.



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