WIENER BLUT, Stadttheater Wels 1Rainerstraße 2, 4600 Wels, Austria, January 14 2022

Music by Johann Strauss (son) Libretto by Victor Léon and Leo Stein Production: Heinz Hellberg Musical director: Laszlo Gyüker
Introduction: Dr. Helmut Greil, 6:45 p.m.

In this popular masterpiece by Waltz King Johann Strauss, the classic elements of an operetta are so successfully interwoven that one of the most thrilling and lively works of the genre has ever been created. Love and jealousy, all sorts of intrigues and confusions in aristocratic Vienna, the lively music full of popular catchy tunes (“There’s a sliver in Hietzing”, “Grüß dich Gott, you dear Nesterl” and “Viennese blood, own juice, full of power, full of embers ”) and last but not least the people involved, who are bubbling over with Viennese charm, characterize this work.

The Operettenbühne Wien has been proving for over 20 years how great it is to bring the typically “Viennese” to the stage and to fill the masterpieces of operetta literature with life in the popular operetta tradition. Experience an Austrian soloist ensemble, the magnificent costumes of the Austrian federal theaters, stylish stage sets and the well-rehearsed orchestra of the Vienna Operettenbühne under Laszlo Gyüker, who was recently appointed guest conductor at the Vienna Volksoper.


Musical theater
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City of Wels
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