Wiegel: VVD is shifting too much to the left | Inland

“A lot of people who vote for the VVD are not waiting for that,” says Wiegel at WNL on Zondag. “I always made sure that there was no space to the right of the VVD. I’m a little sad about it. How will this turn out? “

Wilders competitor

According to Wiegel, PVV leader Geert Wilders is a dangerous competitor for the VVD. He has nothing to do with the term ‘warm right’ by party leader Klaas Dijkhoff: “What a nonsense text.”

Incidentally, there is no sign of the resistance in the polls. Maurice de Hond sees the VVD rise again in his weekly opinion poll: the liberals are now at 36 virtual seats.

Dijkhoff, author of the election program, was questioned on Saturday during a digital party meeting about the left-wing course of the VVD. The group leader thinks it is not too bad: “There will have been election programs where we were more economically right and left again on migration than now.”

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