Widespread testing of Czechs would cost at least 3.5 billion, says Prymula

Prymula spoke about the intention to test all Czech citizens for the first time at a press conference on Thursday after an extraordinary meeting of the government, which approved a significant tightening of measures against covid due to a serious epidemiological situation.

“There is a large group of people who are not tested. And that group can be many times how many people we are able to capture here, “the minister presented an ambitious project on Thursday.

He later told the news that the estimated cost of testing is around 3.5 billion crowns. To this amount must be added other expenses for the distribution of antigenic tests. However, according to Prymula, this will not be a dizzying amount, because the test packages would only be assigned to shipments that regularly travel to GPs, which are key to the project.

According to him, nationwide testing could reveal approximately 90 percent of positive people in the population.

However, this would probably not be possible with a one-off surface test. If, for example, it turns out that after the protest, for example, 200,000 people are positive, who would then head to the quarantine, then many of their contacts in the meantime may not turn out positively. It would therefore be logical to repeat the area test, for example, two weeks apart, in order to increase the success of the capture.

Should the ministry decide to implement something like this, provided that the GPs are willing to embark on the second round, a further increase in project costs can be expected.

The willingness of Czech practitioners, of whom about 40 percent are over the age of 60, are therefore at-risk groups of the population, as it may also be reflected in the fact that they would also have to be dressed in protective suits during testing.

According to Prymul, testing would be voluntary, and he would consider it a success if at least six million people could take part.

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