Wibra Belgium declared bankrupt: 439 people lose their ba …

Wibra Belgium was declared bankrupt on Thursday. 439 people are losing their jobs, the company and trade union circles have confirmed.

The Business Court of Ghent (Dendermonde department) today rejected the proposal of Wibra Belgium to be able to make a restart with 36 stores and 183 employees within the framework of the judicial reorganization procedure. Wibra Belgium is thus pushed in the direction of bankruptcy, says the management. Later that day, that bankruptcy was also confirmed. In total, 439 people will lose their jobs.

Wibra Belgium was heavily loss-making. At the end of July, the company filed for judicial reorganization. The chain wanted to make a new start with 36 of the 81 stores, the head office in Temse and 183 of the current 439 employees. But the court has now rejected that, according to the union. “The judicial reorganization that was requested by Wibra Belgium at the end of July and which was aimed at being able to make a restart with a substantial part of the stores and staff, will come to an end,” says spokesman Maarten Hagg

“We regret this judgment”, says Bas Duijsens, managing director of Wibra Belgium. “It has always been our aim to be able to make a quick restart and save as many jobs as possible. We realize that this is hard for our employees, as many of them have been with us for a long time and that they have continued to work for Wibra in recent weeks, despite the great uncertainty about their future. ”

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