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The rates for electricity and gas are still very high. Experts expect it to remain that way for a while. In the meantime, it can’t hurt to take a good look at your monthly energy bill and check whether you’re paying too much or too little.

From 1 July, the VAT on energy will be temporarily reduced from 21 percent to 9 percent until the end of this year. This is to accommodate households with high energy bills. But last week a tour of the Consumers’ Association among twenty providers showed that only Essent will settle it directly on the energy bill.

Approach supplier yourself for monthly settlement

So you have to take action yourself. “But it is very difficult for consumers to calculate how much that is, because the VAT reduction only applies for six months,” says Joyce Donat of the Consumers’ Association. “You can roughly assume 40 percent of your annual consumption to which the VAT reduction applies, but I advise everyone to knock on the door of your supplier to calculate that for you.”

“If you think: I can manage with my monthly amount, you could wait until the final settlement.”

Joyce Donat, Consumers’ Association

If you do not do this, there is a chance that the VAT reduction will only be included in the annual statement. “If you think: I can manage with my monthly amount, you could wait until the settlement,” says Donat. “But if you think: every euro that I have to pay less is a financial rescue, then you have to take action yourself.”

In addition, the discount on energy tax went down even more at the beginning of this year: In total, this concerns a reduction of 824 euros in 2022. Here too, suppliers do not always settle this in the annual settlement, says Joris Kerkhof, of comparison site Independer. “If you concluded your contract last year, you may still not have noticed that. So it is also wise to call your supplier to see if you can lower the monthly amount.”

Is your energy consumption still correct?

It also remains wise to look at your consumption when calculating your monthly amount. In the first five months of this year, 25 to 33 percent less gas was used. The decrease is partly due to the high prices and the warm winter, wrote Minister Rob Jetten and State Secretary Hans Vijlbrief of Economic Affairs in a letter to the House of Representatives.

Does this also apply to you and have you actually started to consume less due to, for example, sustainability measures? Then you can also adjust your advance accordingly, says Kerkhof. “Or if you had two children who have now left home, then your use will also change.” But, he also says: don’t go too low. “Then you will get it back at the end of the year with a high bill.”

What is a normal rate for electricity and gas today?

In the last month there have been a few suppliers who offer contracts again. For a long time they did not dare to do that because of the unpredictability on the market. This also means that your supplier may again propose an annual contract. Some people like to have security, Kerkhof knows. “In that case, take a good look at the rates.”

“If you receive a proposal for a new contract with EUR 2 to EUR 2.50 for a cubic meter of gas, that is too much.”

Joris Kerkhof, energy expert Independer

“If you receive a proposal for a new contract with 2 euros to 2.50 euros for a cubic meter of gas, that is too much. You should not pay more than 55 cents per KwH for electricity. Then it pays to look further.” , he says. With a small caveat: “This could be different next week.”

Watch out for the welcome bonus

“In general, you are now most favorably with the supplier where you are already,” says Donat of the Consumers’ Association. If you have a permanent contract, you can stay. But when your contract ends, if you have variable seating or if you want certainty, it pays to compare. Donat: “Check with your supplier what your new rate will be and see what others are offering.”

Also, pay attention to fine print and the offers, she says. “Some suppliers seem cheap, but this includes a welcome bonus of a few hundred euros that is only settled at the end of the contract. Then it seems cheap, but then you have to hope that the supplier will contract is still in effect.”

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