Why you should have chamomile in your home

The manzanilla is one of the many plants that people should have at home, as it contains a number of properties that can help us combat different discomforts or health problems.

The great analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic effect of chamomile is known in all corners of the planet, so much so that it is one of the favorite plants when preparing home remedies, since it has been shown how effective it is to treat stomach pains, fatigue, sleep disturbances, skin disorders, among other things.

But it turns out that having a plant at home needs a certain concert, since both its planting and its conservation need some techniques and secrets.


As a first lesson we must learn to sow chamomile, for this we can start by looking for 8 to 10 seeds in any nursery or other plant.

We must also plan that the place where we will plant it has enough natural light, however sunlight should not hit the area directly.

If you plan to sow the plant in an indoor area, it can be done in any season of the year, however to do it in outdoor spaces we must consider that the best season is spring, since the area must have an average temperature of between 18 and 22 degrees.

Steps to sow it

After having the seeds, the space and the conditions mentioned above, the sowing process is preceded, which must be done by following the following steps.

  • Bury the seeds, not exceeding twice their size, in a pot containing substrate.
  • After being buried, we must make sure that they remain humid for an approximate period of 10 or 12 days, which is the period in which germination can occur.
  • A watering habit must be maintained until the plant has between 5 or 7 leaves.
  • Then they must be transplanted to the place where we have selected to be their final space, this can be a pot rune, a field or a cultivation table.
Plant chamomile
Manzanilla – Canva

How long does chamomile last?

Chamomile is usually a very invasive plant, so it is recommended to sow it separately so that it does not spread to space or crops.

After this we can have a plant that lasts up to three seasons.

Whereas if what we want is to obtain chamomile seeds from our plant, all we have to do is save 3 flower heads from the first flowering and store them in a dry and cool place.

A year after this, it will only be enough to crumble them on the land where a new plant is to be planted.

Other tips

Chamomile, as with any other plant, must be protected from pests or diseases, however, as this is a plant that we will use to eat or apply to our body, chemicals that help in the fertilization process are not recommended.

The ideal way to protect these types of plants is to use homemade fertilizers prepared with natural products that do not pollute or alter their properties.

The use of other types of fertilizers can put our health at serious risk.

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