Why was the Great Turkey-Syria Earthquake So Deadly?

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Tuesday, 07 Feb 2023 16:48 WIB

Why was the devastating Turkey-Syria earthquake so deadly? (SANA/Handout via REUTERS)

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia

Turki and Syria was shaken by an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.7 on Monday (6/2).

The earthquake was touted as the most powerful in the last 100 years since 1939.

Until now, the number of fatalities due to the earthquake which was felt in Syria was recorded as many as 4,327 people. In detail, 2,921 people in Turkey and 1,451 people in Syria.

Why is the Turkey-Syria earthquake so deadly?

Collect ReutersJoanna Faure Walker, head of University College London’s Institute for Risk Reduction and Disaster, said the Turkey earthquake released 250 times more energy than the 2016 M 6.2 earthquake in Italy which killed 300 people.

Turkey is also in one of the most active earthquake zones in the world. In 1999, Turkey was hit by an earthquake which killed more than 17 thousand people.

Collect The Straits Times, this earthquake is called deadly because it hit a densely populated area. The earthquake also occurred in the early hours of the morning at 04.17 when residents were still asleep.

“[Orang-orang yang sedang tidur] trapped when their house collapsed,” said Roger Musson, a researcher at the British Geological Survey.

“[Konstruksi bangunan juga tidak] very adequate for areas prone to large earthquakes,” he said.

Turkey was hit by a devastating earthquake on Monday (6/2) which was centered in Kahramanmaras. The magnitude 7.7 quake, according to Germany’s GFZ, killed at least 4,327 in Turkey and Syria.

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On the same day, 60 aftershocks occurred. Of these, some have magnitudes of 7.5 to 6.5.

Until now the process of searching for victims continues. The Turkish government expects the number of victims to continue to increase because many are buried under rubble.


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