“Why the US is Eager to Ban TikTok: Threats to National Security and Freedom of Expression”

TikTok is a social media that sparked controversy in the United States. Photo/Reuters

WASHINGTON – The United States (US) is very eager to ban TikTok a trending social media platform among young people.

The banning of TikTok itself can be said to be in contrast to the US which is a liberal country and supports freedom of expression.

However, Washington has many pretexts, ranging from disturbing national security to TikTok as a means of monitoring its users.

Montana, a state in the US, has officially banned TikTok. Montana Governor Greg Gianforte has signed a bill banning the use of TikTok. The goal is to protect Montanans from surveillance and surveillance through the TikTok app.

Here are 4 things that triggered the issue of banning TikTok in the US.

1. Threatening National Security

FBI Director Chris Wray has stated that TikTok risks undermining US national security. That’s because the Chinese company can do whatever the Chinese government wants in terms of sharing information and being a tool for Beijing.

Wray said there is a possibility that the Chinese government is using its controls in collecting data on millions of TikTok users and mastering the algorithm system so that it is used to spread global influence.

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