Why the stock exchanges are shaking and what the operators fear

More than Trump could Covid. This is how we could summarize the session of the European stock exchanges. The squares of the Old Continent mostly ended in negative a day that started uncertain and ended in the same way. For a fear that is starting to spread among operators. This is why the stock exchanges are shaking and what operators fear, according to the analysis of the ProiezionidiBorsa experts.

The Trump effect

It’s all about Trump, for better or for worse. The stock exchanges depend on him and his contagion, directly or indirectly. We explain ourselves better to make it clear why the stock exchanges in Europe today have followed an uncertain path.

The contagion of President Trump has reshuffled the cards of the US presidential election. An appointment to which the stock markets, especially the American ones, are watching very carefully.

How has the Trump contagion shuffled the cards? First hospitalization, then leaving the hospital, they made him a kind of superhero able to defeat the deadly bacillus. Event that will greatly affect the electorate.

But it would be shortsighted to limit the influence of the event to this factor, which in reality has a much greater significance. In fact, he put the Covid problem back at the center, which in the USA has reached a record of 7.5 million infected.

Why the stock exchanges are shaking and what the operators fear

This problem, which is becoming serious, will weigh heavily on the remaining US election campaign. But stock markets are also starting to worry. In particular those in Europe, because a second wave of contagion is expanding in the main countries of the Old Continent. A possible new block of activities, even if only partial, is expected and this is shaking the markets most at risk, namely the European ones.

This is why today the main squares in Europe closed down. The Ftse Mib index (INDEX:FTSEMIB), of Piazza Affari, is the only one that closed just above par. He finished the session at 19,435 points, up 0.03%.

In confirmation of the above, while the stock exchanges closed in trouble in Europe, Wall Street was flying with rises over one and a half percent.


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