why the long-awaited nasal vaccine is still not ready

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A dozen laboratories are working on the nasal vaccine. MICHAEL BUCKNER/Getty Images via AFP

DECRYPTION – Several laboratories are working on this type of vaccination.

When will nasal vaccines, capable a priori of blocking the transmission of Covid, be available? A dozen laboratories are currently working on the issue worldwide and four of them have reached the third and final phase of clinical trials. However, this will probably not be enough to have this weapon at the start of the next school year.

Two internationally renowned immunologists, Eric Topol and Akiko Iwasaki published an editorial in the journal Science Immunology calling on the public authorities to step up their efforts, withdedicated funding and the removal of any regulatory barriers”. The French Scientific Council also insisted on the potential importance of these new products during its farewell last Thursday.

Vaccines for nasal administration in humans remain quite limited. Let’s mention a flu vaccine used in the United States and intended for children, more to avoid the bite than anything else…

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