Why The Division Players Think the New York Setting Deserves More Love

Why The Division Players Think the New York Setting Deserves More Love

Division players think the New York setting of the first game deserves more love.

Although Ubisoft’s flagship franchise will seemingly always be Assassin’s Creed, the developer has branched out into several other series over the years, one of them being The division.

The story of the first game follows a viral pandemic that has ravaged the United States, killing civilians and forcing the construction of quarantine zones, including New York City.

After relative success with fans and critics, Ubisoft followed up with Division 2which moved the series to Washington DC, and now, a third game has been confirmed, although it’s unclear when or where it will take place.

Wherever it is, fans will hope it takes inspiration from the premier league game and gives us a worthy successor to post-apocalyptic New York.

In a post on Reddit, user Shadow_Strike99 praised The Division’s depiction of a broken and deserted city, saying: “I always love coming back to Division 1, the atmosphere and setting were everything simply brilliant. I hope we get something like this again with the 3rd game.

Fans shared their admiration for the open-ended game in the comments, with its tone and atmosphere being considered the best moments in the story and adding greater depth to the world.

“I swear some of the audio/text logs in this game were completely depressing, especially going back and playing it during the height of Covid. »

“That Christmas setting with the snowstorms really made it special, it’s a shame the second one lost that charm”

“I loved D1. It’s criminal that this franchise didn’t take off as it should have. I know it was a hit and spawned a successful sequel, but it could have been HUGE. “

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The division can still be played on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC platforms, although online multiplayer has deteriorated significantly since then. Division 2 has been freed.

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