Why the contest “Miss France” creates tensions in the city where it is organized next week

The group “demands that the mayor of Caen fulfill his basic duty of information regarding the allocation of public funds by immediately disseminating the means that will be devoted by the city and its public partners to this event”, write the elected according to a press release received Friday.

Asked by AFP, the city’s communication service indicated that it had “no figure to communicate for the moment”. “The cost for the city or the remainder to be borne will be known in January 2022”, according to the same source.

According to EELV municipal councilor Rudy L’Orphelin interviewed by AFP, in 2010, the “Miss France” competition, then also organized in Caen, had “cost 200,000 euros” to the city then ruled by a PS allied to EELV.

According to Mr. L’Orphelin, the opposition’s questions on the subject, in city council in September, and in the finance committee on Tuesday, remained unanswered.

“In view of the benefits reaped by the organizing company, there is however reason to wonder about the relevance of public financial support for events which convey stereotypical beauty standards and are based on selection criteria at the very least. debatable “, continue the elected officials.

“From this point of view, we can only congratulate ourselves on the legal actions initiated by” Osez Le Féminisme “which make it possible to move the lines as regards the working conditions of the participants”, they add.

Archaic caricature

The industrial tribunal of Bobigny must look on June 21 on the conditions of participation of the candidates in the contest “Miss France”, according to “Dare the feminism” which seized justice for violation of the right to work.

In October, the Minister for Gender Equality Élisabeth Moreno herself judged “has been” the rules governing the beauty contest and wished that“they change”.

And in his “annual report on the state of sexism in France”, in 2019, the High Council for Equality between Women and Men (HCE), an advisory body responsible for advising the government, qualified the Miss France competition as “archaic caricature”. He had denounced in particular the requirement made to the candidates to be single and childless and never to have been married.


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