why teachers and educational staff are protesting

The President visits the Camp des Milles in the early afternoon. At the same time, a trade union rally will be held in front of the Jas-de-Bouffan college, where Emmanuel Macron will then have to go.

Two rooms, two atmospheres. As Emmanuel Macron begins his visit to the Camp des Milles memorial site this afternoon at 12:30, teachers are called to gather in front of the Jas-de-Bouffan college, also in Aix-en-Provence, where the president is to speak to late afternoon in the context of the National Council for the Refoundation on the theme of education.

Event” on matters relating to pensions and salaries in the public service and more particularly in national education“, assures FSU 13, the union that calls for this movement.

In public administration, the 3.5% increase in the index point in July is a long way off
offset the inflation announced today between 6 and 7%. (…) This is particularly true in the education sector, which the recruitment crisis at the start of the school year in September highlighted“says FSU 13, which will hold a press conference in front of the school.

In the face of the ongoing catastrophe for our education system, which sees the students drop out of competitions and prefer better paid, better regarded, jobs with better working conditions, the government was forced to announce an upgrade and open talks. But the amount of the reevaluation promised for the start of the 2023 school year is very insufficient. For the time being, and despite some progress in recent weeks, it does not affect all staff“, continues the FSU.

FSU is considering an education strike on this wage issue for mid-January as part of an inter-union union with the CGT, FO and the South.

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