Why take out provident insurance?

Thanks to a Provident Insurance, you protect yourself and your loved ones from certain uncontrollable events. It covers people in the event of incapacity, invalidity, dependence and also in the event of death. Foresight protects you from the vagaries of life and helps protect your loved ones.

Inability to work, it compensates for the loss of your income

Social Security guarantees you a certain income during your work stoppage, in the event of temporary incapacity, by paying you daily allowances. Despite everything, you have a loss of your standard of living.
According to the essential bases of employee remuneration, Social Security assistance must be supplemented by the company to ensure a certain level of resources. A guarantee of incapacity for work compensates for this loss of income.
If you are constantly unfit for a professional activity after an illness or a non-professional accident, invalidity insurance covers you. You are granted a disability pension.

Loss of autonomy, it relieves you

Dependence can generate significant costs. Sometimes you have to adapt your home or even provide home help. Long-term care insurance can help a dependent person and their family. By means of an annuity and a certain sum of money to arrange one’s home but also by helping relatives with additional guarantees and in exchange for a contribution.

Following a death, it ensures the financial security of the household

Securing the future of loved ones with death insurance. In return for a contribution, the insurance pays a capital, defined by the subscriber, to his beneficiaries upon his death. This contribution is calculated in relation to the capital chosen, the age and the state of health of the subscriber. Depending on the guarantees and options chosen, the insurer undertakes to pay the beneficiaries what is owed to it.

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