Why Some Lithuanians Are Faking Their Vacation Photos

Why do Lithuanians start deceiving friends and acquaintances like this? LNK’s midday news talked about this with Inga Aukštuolyte, head of the public relations and marketing department of the travel agency “Tez Tour”.

The representative of the travel agency first revealed the purpose of the survey and what its results showed.

“That’s why we conducted the survey, because now there is apparently such a wave of fashion that it’s very nice to post photos from trips, from vacations, and that people often choose trips based on beautiful images, so that you can take pictures there, capture them and share them. in social networks.

Our survey showed that even one out of ten respondents not only takes photos, but also beautifies them, or, to be more precise, takes fake photos. This means that he lies and puts up fake photos, as if he is in one or another environment and in a certain country, so he can show off in front of his friends,” said I. Aukštuolytė.

How does capturing fake vacation moments happen? As stated in the midday news of LNK, the process of taking such photos is really simple: a person takes a photo in any environment, adds the desired, holiday-like background and uploads such photos to social networks.

Why do people do this?

“You see, a part of our lives is already moving to social networks and we spend most of our time on social networks, and there we need to react here and now. If you can see in an hour how your friends’ images from trips, sharing impressions change, then you want to keep up with the fashion, the so-called trend here and now, and you also want to be just as interesting and just as relevant in your content. That’s a lot of people – lead to it, most likely. It’s faster for them to make that so-called record from a purchased photo and insert themselves into it than to end up somewhere, in another part of the world,” explained I. Aukštuolytė.

“We judge, most likely, from those fashions, trends, that’s why people do it – to keep up,” she added.

In the survey, there were those who answered that when they see the photos of other vacations, they get jealous. Does jealousy also lead to the creation of dramatized vacation moments? The interviewer of LNK midday news said that jealousy really affects the creation of such photos.

“We often notice that Lithuanian jealousy is the accompanying emotion that we do many things driven by jealousy. It is the same in travel planning – if you saw that your neighbor was away, you want to do even better.

We also sometimes receive such requests that we want such a trip, where many of that person’s relatives were not there, to see one or another place, or vice versa – a specific place that should be visited, because social networks often flash with certain beautiful images: or there from of a particular waterfall, or in Pamukkale. Travelers definitely want to have photos from those places,” said I. Aukštuolytė.

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2023-06-06 19:34:55

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