Why Some Guys Avoid Women Born Under the Sign of Virgo: The Bitter Truth

Guys bypass the representatives of this sign.

Thanks to Sherlock Holmes and other popular genius characters, we know that intelligence is sexy. In any case, women willingly admit that they are attracted to intellectuals. But does this statement work in reverse? It is believed that the representatives of the stronger sex are not too fond of smart women, and, unfortunately, this is not just a stereotype, but the bitter truth. We tell you which representatives of the zodiac sign guys avoid because they are afraid of their mind.


Women born under the sign of Virgo can boast of remarkable intelligence. Representatives of this sign demonstrate success in studies and science, occupy high positions, but in their personal lives they are often unhappy. And the reason for this is their extraordinary mind.

Why do guys avoid smart women so carefully?

Psychologists believe that gender stereotypes are to blame. The representatives of the stronger sex are accustomed to dominate – both in personal relationships and in a career, in the field of intelligence. In a smart lady, they see a competitor.

In addition, male complexes play an important role. As you know, the ego of gentlemen is quite fragile, so they are afraid that a lady who is too smart can deal him a crushing blow. What if a macho doesn’t know something and a woman will “do” him? Shame forever!

It is for this reason that Virgo does not develop relationships with the stronger sex.

The intelligence of a native of this sign is noticeable even in those moments when she carefully tries to hide it – for example, on a first date. However, according to random words and phrases, the satellite still understands who is in front of him.

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A potential admirer quickly assesses the situation and realizes that he may not reach the level of such an intellectual lady. Of course, the guy’s self-esteem will not withstand such a test of strength. Therefore, he is in a hurry to say goodbye to the unpleasantly surprised Virgo.

For many years, representatives of this sign have been trying to understand what is wrong with them: beauties, good housewives, attentive life partners … but something does not work out in their personal lives. At some point, Virgo will be enlightened, and she will be very upset.

Of course, it also happens that a man is not at all afraid of the intellect of the Virgin and gladly becomes her boyfriend, and then her lawful husband.

But in order to find such a rare specimen, the representative of the sign has to work hard.

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