Why shouldn’t our alarms be used to wake up from sleep?

9:00 pm

Wednesday 16 September 2020

I wrote – Amira Helmy

Our phones have become an inseparable extension of our hands, and we use them for many tasks, such as applying for a job, searching for information, or finding a new place to live.

In fact, we sometimes imagine the impossibility of life if our phones crashed by mistake, and setting phone alarms is one of the tasks that everyone used to do without exception, but there are some bad consequences that we may face if we do not change this habit.

The “PrideSide” website cited the reasons that might push you to abandon your smart phone alarms, and return to relying on real alarms.

1. It negatively affects your sleep quality.

The reason for this is our inability to resist browsing social media applications and complete the tasks that we have to do on our phones before bed.

Not only will this distraction shorten the amount of time you have to spend asleep, but the blue light emitted from phone screens can affect the quality of your sleep and lead to sleep disturbances.

2. Change your routine in the morning.

Again, once we have the phone in our hands, we automatically start checking emails and SMS, and this of course takes much longer than you initially planned, which does not allow us enough time to do the usual morning activities, which are really important to keep our commitments. Well.

3. His voice is difficult to hear sometimes.

Because the phone’s alarm clock is not loud compared to the real alarm clock, you can easily miss its ring and go to sleep. Additionally, we are all used to the sounds our phones make during the day, so it may not be effective as a real alarm to wake us up from a deep sleep.

4. Its battery may run out.

The alarm clock will not work on cell phones when the battery is depleted, so if you do not want to be late for an important date in the morning, it is better for you to use a real alarm. Even if you always do your best to keep your phone charged, it may happen that you don’t realize that your battery is about to die before you fall asleep.


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