Why should you wear red for the woman today?

Today we invite you to wear a red garment to help raise awareness about the importance of cardiovascular health in women. Due to lack of information, women tend to postpone periodic evaluations, identification of their risk factors and to maintain good habits to contribute to their health.

The American Heart Association (AHA), I create a date, first Friday of February, annually to join efforts, and expose the issue of great relevance, which many women do not know, as it is to know that their main cause of death is due to cardiovascular disease .

In U.S.A. Every 80 seconds a woman dies from cardiovascular disease, so she is invited to create prevention, because 80% can be prevented, Go Red For Woman, urges to keep track of risk factors, such as smoking, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, alcohol in excess, hereditary, high cholesterol, which can culminate in cardiovascular events.

We should not only wear red today, but maintain a life with healthy habits, such as exercising, eating healthy, evaluations on time, maintaining adequate weight, not smoking. At the age of menopause, the estrogens that take care of us tend to decrease, and good cholesterol begins to decrease and the bad cholesterol (LDL) begins, and if in addition to that you have a family history of Diabetes, Arterial Hypertension, it increases the possibility of cardiovascular disease.

Eating a diet low in salt and fat, not consuming sugary drinks or junk food, will add more days to your life.

Do not minimize symptoms, in many cases no attention is paid to non-specific symptoms that may be a warning prior to cardiovascular events.

Remember to replicate this information, to your friends, sisters, colleagues, women in your environment, to carry the warning message about cardiovascular health in women.

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February month of the heart. Dress today with a red garment. Join the red campaign for women!


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