“Why Kody Brown Disapproves of Truely Living with an Unmarried Couple and The Shocking Reason Behind Christine’s Quick Marriage to David”

The thought of Truely living in the house of an unmarried couple would not sit well with him. “He has said several times that he finds it very inappropriate that Truely lives with an unmarried couple,” an insider tells The U.S. Sun. According to the source, this could also be one of the reasons that Christine is so soon to marry David.

And it turns out there is more going on. Kody and David really shouldn’t like each other. “David can’t stand Kody. He absolutely disagrees with the horrible way Kody has treated Christine all these years.”

David would be the opposite of Kody. “David is a real gentleman and he treats Christine like a queen. He takes her to the most expensive restaurants and takes her on all sorts of trips.” These would all be things that Kody never did to her.

2023-05-29 16:03:26
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