“Why Jennifer Lawrence wore flip-flops on the red carpet: A look into the trend of comfortable footwear at high-profile events”

Recently, photos of a well-known actress circulated the world of social networks Jennifer Lawrenceové, who arrived on the red carpet in a gorgeous, custom-made Dior gown. It was all the more surprising that she was not hiding a pair of satin pumps or glittering sandals under the spectacular skirt, but ordinary black flip-flops, which we know well from classic holidays.

Reason? The actress wore a dress with a long voluminous skirt that revealed her shoes only when walking, and therefore opted for a comfortable choice. In addition, the stairs to the screening rooms are really treacherous and many celebrities have fallen down them in the past. But why the actress didn’t at least bet on ballerinas or decorated sandals without a heel is still a mystery, according to the server Vogue.

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Actress Jennifer Lawrence

At the same time, shoes without heels were preceded by a scandal. In 2015, a group of women were allegedly denied entry to a screening of Carol in Cannes precisely because they were wearing “flat” shoes.

This incident highlighted the festival’s outdated dress code, which was subsequently rescinded by festival director Thierry Fremaux.

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In 2016, the actress Julia Roberts she went to the Croisette screening barefoot because her heels were too high and made it impossible for her to walk. This idea was liked by the actress Sasha Lane, who after the red carpet arrived at the photo shoot on the Riviera completely without shoes.

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Actress Julia Roberts

In 2018, the actress came Kristen Stewart on the red carpet in extremely high heel stilettos by Christian Louboutin. As soon as she posed for photographers in them, she immediately took them off.

“People get very upset when you don’t wear heels or whatever. It’s just assumed. But if you don’t ask men to wear heels, you can’t ask me to either,” she previously stated for Hollywood Reporter.

Even this year, female stars continue to enjoy flouting the old “wearing flats” ban. Actress Cate Blanchett wearing she wore a velvet jumpsuit by Giorgio Armani over the weekend and was barefoot on stage to present the Breakthrough Artist award to Iranian-French star Zahra Amir Ebrahimi.

“I will take off my heels in honor of Iranian women. All you who stand in the way of women’s rights, go stab yourself,” she said before handing the trophy to Ebrahimi.

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Actress Kristen Stewart

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