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It could just take another year and a half before all corona measures are a thing of the past, the cabinet thinks, which is working on a long-term strategy. Even if there is a vaccine early next year.

That’s not because it takes a long time to vaccinate everyone. If there are enough vaccines, it can go quickly. Immunologist Ger Rijks of the Elisabeth TweeSteden hospital: “In the past, Ahoy in Rotterdam was used to vaccinate young people against meningococci. In India, 5 million people were vaccinated in one day. So it is possible. ”

70 percent
Two weeks after your vaccination you are in principle protected against Covid-19. However, the question is whether enough people are taking a vaccine. “The 70 percent of the Dutch population should be vaccinated,” says professor of vaccinology Ben van der Zeijst. “Then the vulnerable are sufficiently protected by the people who have been vaccinated so that they do not contract the virus.”

According to a poll from RTL Nieuws and Jinek, only 66 percent of the Dutch are willing to take a vaccine. Rijkers: “When that group is large, the period that it is still tricky can take longer. The people who have doubts can indeed make it difficult. ”

Two vaccinations
It is also unclear how often you should be vaccinated. “You may need two vaccinations,” says Van der Zeijst. Or even more, as with the flu shot. In addition, it is quite possible that many vaccines will not make it to the finish line, because they do not offer enough protection or have too many side effects. “It seems very good to me that the cabinet is then working on a long-term strategy. The government does not want to create exaggerated expectations, ”says Van der Zeijst.

Bron (nen): RTL News


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