Why is the Toyota Camry 50 a classic?

The opinion that Japanese quality ended in the early 2000s is often reinforced by nit-picking about minor flaws of the car, ignoring all its advantages. A good example of a cool model is the Toyota Camry 50.

The body design of the “Fiftieth Camry” at the exit was criticized by motorists already accustomed to the design of the Toyota Camry 40, however, what can not be taken away from it is that the car still looks like a representative middle-class sedan. Another minus of the body is the sharp transition from the radiator grill to the hood, on which chips from small stones are formed, however, it is worth remembering that Camry in other bodies suffers from this no less.

One of the main complaints about Toyota Camry’s body is that the critic approaches, presses the metal with a finger, pushes it and says: “Well, what is it, where is the quality, what will happen to the car in an accident, how can it protect? “. Camry, meanwhile, although not immediately, received good marks on the crash tests of several organizations. The whole secret is that the safety of the car is not affected by the thickness of the metal, but by the power structures hidden under the body.

Otherwise, Toyota Camry 50 has no problems. The motor range of the “fiftieth” had 2-, 2.5- and 3.5-liter engines. 148 hp 2 liter engine – The most reliable in the lineup, as it does not suffer from oil and does not have serious design flaws.

Salon “Camry” does not look outdated even despite the fact that the car is already 8 years old. That’s because it is made in a classic, timeless style with wood accents and leather seats. In addition, there is enough space in the car in both the front and rear seats.

By the example of the “Fiftieth Camry” it becomes clear that even if the famous Japanese quality has died, it’s clearly not as early as some say, because the model is no worse than modern cars not only in design, both in dorestayl and after it, but and on the technical side.

Yuri Gorbachev

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