Why is the Toyota bZ4X ‘Cancelled’ as a Delegation Car for the G20 Bali Summit?


PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM) had given a statement that their newest electric car, the bZ4X, would support the implementation of the G20 Summit in Bali later this year. But recently that plan was cancelled. Toyota officially uses a luxury electric car model, the Lexus UX 300e to be used as a vehicle for the delegates of the G20 Summit. What is the reason?

TAM’s Marketing Director, Anton Jimmi Suwandy said that the choice of the Lexus UX 300e brand for the G20 Bali Summit did not mean replacing the previously announced bZ4X. Anton explained that his party was still having more in-depth discussions with the principal, until finally deciding on the choice of the Lexus UX 300e.

“Actually, the official (announcement) was only yesterday, before that there were still many discussions and preparation discussions,” Anton told reporters at the 2022 Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) arena at ICE, BSD City, Tangerang (11/8).



‘In the end, globally from TMC (Toyota Motor Corporation) we have discussed with us, we have decided for the Lexus UX 300e which is the right fit for the G20. We never talk about (bZ4X) being replaced, because it wasn’t official before, only yesterday we made it official,” added Anton.

For information, as many as 143 Lexus UX 300e units will be used as cars for the delegations of G20 member countries at the Bali Summit at the end of 2022. The UX 300e is a premium electric car with a price tag of IDR 1.4 billion.

The Lexus UX 300e uses an electric motor with a capacity of 54.3 kWh that can produce 201 hp and 300 Nm of peak torque. The electric battery placed on the floor, Lexus claims can provide a good center of gravity, so the car will be more stable.

For power supply, this electric car uses a Lithium-ion type battery, which can last for a distance of 300 km (WLTP) on a single electric charge.

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