Why is the Earth’s Position Tilt and What Are the Impacts? This is the explanation

KOMPAS.com – There are some people who may not know that the position of Earth oblique, and not perpendicular to its orbit.

In fact, the position of the planet inhabited by humans is indeed not straight.

Scientists agree, the Earth has a tilt of up to 23.5 degrees.

As a result, Sun cannot illuminate all places on Earth with the same intensity at the same time.

So, why is the position of the Earth we live in tilted?

The secret of the universe This time, we will discuss this in more detail.

Reported from Universe TodayFriday (15/10/2010) scientists explain that the tilt of the Earth’s position is related to the process of its formation along with other planets in the Solar System.

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Not only causes position tilted earth at its creation, they also believe, when the Sun was formed it created a new source of gravity in the Solar System.

Then there is also a tidal force between the Sun and the rest of the nebula, which causes instability in the gas and dust remaining in the nebula.

After millions of years passed, much of the extraterrestrial matter collided to gain its own mass and gravity.

These materials form objects that are smaller than planets, and are generally called protoplanets.

At that time, there was a collision between objects which then formed a planet with a larger size.

This phenomenon may cause the Earth’s position to be tilted, due to colliding with protoplanets. So, its position is not perpendicular like a ball placed on the table.

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