Why is the city of Dijon so attractive?

A charming historic center and a very peaceful living environment, two assets which make Dijon (Côte-d’Or) a very attractive city. Since the start of the year, more than 2,000 new inhabitants have been registered there. The Sverkou family chose to settle there in July with, as a result, a radical change of life and a smile on their face. Their accommodation no longer has anything to do with their Parisian apartment. The couple run a training center in Paris, but now work remotely.

For long-time residents too, the capital of the Dukes is a city where life is good. “Everything is at hand”, “it is a city that lives, there are plenty of activities all year round”, they testify. The municipality, it pampers its newcomers with a special welcome. “We offer them a traditional ceremony at the town hall”, specifies the first assistant to the town hall.

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