Why is removing multitasking applications not a good idea?

What we believe may be beneficial is actually detrimental to your iOS device.

Many times we think that having many applications open on our device can present difficulties for its battery and its operation in general. However, that theory is not entirely true.

While it may be advisable to remove the applications from multitasking from time to time, the reality is that doing it constantly, rather accelerates the use of precisely battery and memory performance.

Consequences of constantly removing applications from multitasking

When the user has the habit of removing applications from this section on their iPhone, they must take into account that when opening it, they are forcing the cell phone to use all its resources to reload the app, draining the battery and occupying spaces in its memory.

“When we see an app in the multitasking of the iPhone or any model, it is not working but is” frozen “”, indicate sites specialized in software de Apple.

He adds: “iOS management of resources so that we do not have to close apps on iPhone X or other devices does not mean that we should never do it.”

The recommendation is to remove the applications from multitasking on very specific occasions, such as when the smartphone has malfunctions and needs to be restarted, otherwise it is a waste of its resources.

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