Why is MagSafe the Biggest Change for the iPhone 12?

Last week, Apple announced a series of new (iPhone 12) phones for this year that includes 4 phones of different sizesAll models support 5G networks for the first time in iPhones, and all models also support a new feature called (MagSafe) that may be the main selling point for Apple phones this year.

The (MagSafe) feature makes it easy to charge (iPhone 12) phones wirelessly, and magnetically paste card cases and a variety of accessories on the back of the phone, so today we will review why it is the biggest change that Apple has made in iPhones this year.

First; What is MagSafe in iPhone 12?

If you think that you heard the name (MagSafe) before the announcement of the (iPhone 12) phones, you are right, as Apple previously used it to charge (MacBook) computers before switching to the (USB-C) port for charging and transferring data.

The MagSafe technology in MacBook computers was not wireless technology, but it was A series of magnetically connected power conductorsIt was designed by Apple to make it easier to charge your computer and reduce charging damage.

As it used to allow Mac computer users to install the charging cable in place magnetically, and it was a safety feature because it reduces the possibility of damage to the cable or the charging port or exposing the computer to breakage when it falls as a result of tripping the charging cord, because it allows the device to be easily disconnected when the cable is pulled out, and it was abandoned Apple between 2016 and 2019 and replaced it with the (USB-C) port, despite its popularity with many users.

But (MagSafe) in iPhone 12 phones is a little different, as it has become a wireless technology that allows you to charge the phone wirelessly with a capacity of 15 watts, and attach a set of accessories magnetically to the back of the phone, such as card case, and many more.

Why is MagSafe the biggest change to iPhone 12?

Why is MagSafe the biggest change to iPhone 12?

But the most exciting thing is that it paves the way in the future for Apple to give up the (Lightning) port for charging – especially after Apple previously abandoned the traditional 3.5 mm headphone port easily when launching its Airpods wireless headphones – and if that happens, it means better water resistance in phones. IPhone and save more space in phone design for other things; Like: a bigger battery.

Wireless charging is the new trend in smartphones:

Why is MagSafe the biggest change to iPhone 12?

Why is MagSafe the biggest change to iPhone 12?

Apple first introduced a feature Wireless charging In the iPhone 8, but even in the iPhone 11 phones, this feature stopped at the charging capacity of 7.5 watts, and the (MagSafe) feature doubled the wireless charging capacity to 15 watts, making the iPhone 12 phones compete with most other fast-charging Android devices.

But there is a requirement to get these high charging speeds on iPhone 12 phones that support the (MagSafe) feature, and that is to use an Apple-certified (MagSafe) charger, but if you use an old Qi charger, the charging capacity will be limited to 7.5 watts. This is a policy that Apple is well known for, and all of its customers now know it, that every good technology must be expensive.

But the (MagSafe) feature in iPhone 12 phones is not only limited to high wireless charging speeds, but also is characterized by ease of use, because one of the biggest problems with wireless charging is finding the correct charging area in wireless chargers, where the charger and the phone close the charging circuit and the phone starts charging virtually.

This is something most users of wireless chargers suffer from, as the user places the smartphone on the charging pad and returns after 30 minutes to find that it has not yet charged due to the phone moving away from the charging area. The (MagSafe) feature aims to solve this problem by connecting the charger to its place on the back through a strong magnetic connection to keep the iPhone and the charger in place.

Belkin has introduced a new charger named (MagSafe 3-in-1 Wireless ChargerIt allows you to charge the iPhone 12 at a 45-degree angle, as shown in the following image:

Why is MagSafe the biggest change to iPhone 12?

Why is MagSafe the biggest change to iPhone 12?

Apple also introduced its first (MagSafe) charger At $ 39 But it only allows you to charge an iPhone, and Apple also plans to introduce a travel charger (MagSafe Duo) that allows you to charge the Apple Watch and iPhone at the same time.

Why is MagSafe the biggest change to iPhone 12?

Why is MagSafe the biggest change to iPhone 12?

New accessories for iPhone 12:

In addition to wireless chargers; It is expected that a lot of innovative accessories will appear in the coming period from external manufacturers for iPhone 12 users, as Apple has designated A whole section in her online store (MagSafe) accessories that included: silicone phone cases that support MagSafe charging, and a leather card case that attaches magnetically to the back of the phone.

Belkin has also launched a new wireless charger as mentioned earlier, and(PopSocket) announced That produces phone stands with grips from offering products based on (MagSafe).

It is not clear yet; Does (MagSafe) feature support wireless data transfer or not, but it is possible that Apple will develop it in the future to enable fast wireless transfer of data, and accordingly, external storage units that depend on (MagSafe) for backup and data transfer may appear, just as we have Lightning volumes -USB today.

And don’t forget the physical security keys for two-factor authentication, as Yubico launched last year Lightning port Designed to work with Apple iPhones and iPads, so next year we expect to see security keys based on the (MagSafe) feature.

Smartphones are constantly evolving, as the cameras are constantly improving, and the speed of processors increases, with support for 5G networks, whether in Android or iPhone phones. But there is no company that manufactures Android phones that has a wireless charging system and installs a variety of accessories on the back of the phone, such as: the new iPhone 12 phones from Apple, so the (MagSafe) feature is the most important feature that Apple introduced this year, but it is more important than supporting its phones 5G networks, because it is the first point of difference and attraction for young people to buy iPhone 12 phones.

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