Why is it important to have the garden in order?, by Podarama

The correct maintenance of a garden is a great letter of introduction for a home, since, in general, these spaces are in full view of the neighbors. In the case of a condominium, this is an essential aspect that shows respect for urban decoration. In addition, according to the specialists of the Podarama company, in this way it is possible to maintain plants and shrubs in a good state of health.

This company provides gardening services in residences, country houses, condominiums and other spaces in the Valencian Community. They also do other jobs like clearing and cleaning of plots in Valenciapruning and felling of trees, installation of irrigation systems and phytosanitary treatments to prevent the spread of diseases in gardens and other green spaces.

What are the necessary gardening tasks to keep a garden in order?

Both small flower beds and large gardens require professional work to be in the best possible condition. In the case of gardens, one of the fundamental tasks is to cut the grass following a botanical criterion.. In this way, the plant is stimulated to produce new shoots and to thicken the blades of its leaves. Conversely, grass that is left unmaintained tends to turn and thin.

In turn, in different green spaces, it is necessary to periodically prune the hedges. If it is a public space, it is necessary to hire a company that ensures compliance with current legislation in this regard. Another necessary task for the maintenance of the gardens is weeding. In this sense, when using herbicides, it is necessary to find those that are not composed of harmful and dangerous substances. Fortunately, today, most products meet this requirement.

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From Podarama, they stress the importance of correctly performing the pruning trees and palms in Valencia to keep numerous pests such as the weevil at bay and maintain the correct health of the trees in general.

The importance of fertilization for a garden

Fertilization is a fundamental aspect both for plants that live in pots and for those that are in the ground. When carrying out care tasks in the gardens, plant remains are removed which, through different biological processes, enrich the soil again. Therefore, it is necessary to make a compensation so that the plants have all the nutrients they need.

In this sense, one of the most effective methods is the use of slow-release granular fertilizers that allow limiting the necessary interventions to only 3 or 4 per year. Other complementary tasks for the maintenance of gardens are the control of weeds and different pathologies and the periodic maintenance of the irrigation system..

The Podarama company specializes in all these gardening works and in other tasks such as clearing plots and felling and pruning trees. In this way, it is possible to enjoy a beautiful, healthy garden for the plants and that complies with current regulations.

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