Why is it dangerous to lose weight quickly? The warning of a nutritionist


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What are the side effects of sudden weight loss? In addition to a rapid return of the lost pounds and the emergence of disorders of the hormonal system, losing weight quickly can cause diseases of the internal organs, alerted nutritionist Lidia Ivanova, in an interview with the media Ura.ru.

Sudden weight loss puts health risks at risk, nutritionist Lidia Ivanova warned in an interview with Ura.ru. Thus, losing weight quickly can cause disorders of the endocrine system because the latter needs time to adjust to the new weight. In addition, it may have detrimental effects on the performance of internal organs.

“Getting rid of the fat quickly can cause the organs it surrounded, such as the kidneys, to malfunction,” she told the media.

Changing lifestyle

For the specialist, rapid weight loss is also “dangerous” because it will be “extremely difficult” to keep it off in the future. “The more strict the restrictions, the more difficult it will be to build a life in which it will be possible to control the weight”, she told the journalist.

It indicates that the key to successful weight maintenance after losing weight lies in changing your lifestyle.

“You shouldn’t create temporary restrictions, but change your lifestyle. [Il faut, ndlr] understand and resolve the psychological problems linked to excess food, so as not to return to it in the future, choose physical exercises that provide pleasure ”, she recommended, quoted by Ura.ru.


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