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In days of social isolation and lockdown At home, there are various activities that are earning a space because they help you relax and have fun at home. Preparing desserts, homemade bread, dancing, yoga or exercises are the most acclaimed, but if there is one that brings various positive emotions, it is gardening.

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For some years the horticultural therapy, an activity that uses gardening as therapy where plants and flowers play a vital role for emotions and control levels of stress that can occur.

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How to enjoy gardening at home?

The gardening It not only gives you the possibility to grow and organize your own plants and flowers, harvest fresh fruits and vegetables for your own food, but it also offers you many benefits for physical health and mental well-being.

Rocío Avila, specialist of Casaideas, assures that “By planting, cultivating, watering and pruning, your body generates serotonin that stimulates the immune system, reduces levels of cortisol, the hormone that produces stress and keeps us relaxed, helps us to lower anxiety levels and promote perseverance and patience”.

On the physical side, digging, carrying objects, and cutting plants allows you to burn approximately 300 calories per hour. In addition, it is an excellent cardiovascular exercise routine.

Besides, the gardening is a perfect therapy to improve your well-being, offers the possibility to disconnect and focus on being more creative, the colors and smells foster a positive environment.

The specialist advises organizing a space in the house to carry out this activity, whether inside a terrace, a window or some interior points, among the furniture in the room for example.

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Gardening with children

The little ones also benefit, learning about nature and the importance of protecting the environment, as well as teaching them where food comes from and how to eat healthy.

To enjoy this activity with them, Silvio Mac Long, Arti’s Business Development Manager, teaches how to make a mini garden or home sprouter “For children to observe, be amazed and learn”.

What do we need?

  • Glass jar (may be jam)
  • Black beans or some other stew
  • Cotton or gauze
  • Some water
  • Tempera
  • Cardboards
  • Markers

How will we do it?

  1. First step: Wash the glass jar and dry it well (parents can help)
  2. Second step: decorate the bottle with down, tempera, stickers or whatever you have at home, to make it look cute.
  3. Third step: wet the cotton or gauze and put it in the bottom of the jar
  4. Step Four: Put two or three beans on the cotton
  5. Step Five: Replace a cotton or wet gauze
  6. Sixth step: take care of it and let it grow in a sunny place.
This action will encourage the child to bring out his investigative and productive side. (Photo: Arti Creativo)


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