Why Halvadjian sent Rachkov to Iskar Dam / Photo / – Curious

Dimitar Rachkov was surprisingly spotted taking pictures in a secluded spot near the shores of the Iskar Dam. The actor was floating on a small wooden raft when he was seen by passers-by. The tourists found the comedian in shorts and a shirt, sitting quietly in the boat. Asked about what was happening, Halvadjian’s team declined to comment. Rachkov also did not disclose details.

The initial theories were that Rachkov was either shooting material for the next season of his show or a new commercial. Some claim that he is preparing to lead a completely new format, which will rotate in the network and will overtake the other TV productions planned for the fall. Rumor has it that the new reality format will engage many of the “usual suspects” in the highlife. So far, however, there is no news about the participants or the content of the show.



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