“Why had I refused number 7 when I arrived at Man Utd”

It’s no longer a secret, Cristiano Ronaldo wears the number 7 everywhere he has gone. The Lusitanian star affectionately known as Cr7 could finally thank Sir Alex Ferguson for imposing this bib at Manchester United on him.

His nickname “CR7” has become a real brand, but Cristiano Ronaldo could have been baptized CR28. It was however quite plausible since the Portuguese wanted to wear the number 28 when he arrived at Manchester United.

“Ronaldo wanted to avoid the pressure represented by the legendary Manchester number 7, worn by George Best, Eric Cantona or David Beckham. Sure of his new recruit, it was Sir Alex Ferguson himself who encouraged Ronaldo to accept the number 7 assigned to him, in order to force him to work hard to honor this symbolic number ”, reveals a former English club

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