why Gurchenko had to perform in prisons

There have been difficult moments in the career of the actress.

The times of perestroika turned out to be a severe test for the actors. Even recognized movie stars were suddenly left without roles. Viewers were paid offensively little. Some actors were forced to appear in commercials where they promised a good salary, others worked as taxi drivers and traders in the market, trying to feed their families.

It seemed that times of lack of money did not touch popular artists. But it turned out that Lyudmila Gurchenko later recalled those years with horror. With no new offers from the directors, her savings soon dried up and she was left with nothing. The artist thought about business, but she did not get involved in trade. Instead, she had to give concerts in all of DC’s small towns. Furthermore, she has even performed in prisons. Gurchenko also acted with directors who were not prominent in cinema.

“I got to play and sing a lot of silly little roles and compositions,” he complained in his book “Lucy, stop!”.

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