Why Graham Potter opposed the signing of Enzo Fernández for being overrated – Former Chelsea Manager’s Opinion


One of the three coaches that Chelsea had in the season, Graham Potter, suggested that the club give up the signing of Enzo Fernández. Because? Here more details!

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© Getty Images.Graham Potter, the Chelsea manager who suggested not hiring Enzo Fernández.

Chelsea lived a chaotic season. For oblivion. Full of bumps during the season. What’s more, the Blues barely finished in 12th place in the Premier League, far from qualifying for international competitions. They had three technicians. To top it off, they spent millions on reinforcements. The most expensive was Enzo Fernandez.

The Argentine midfielder world champion in Qatar 2022 it cost him 121 million euros to the London painting. That was what Benfica from Portugal received to get rid of the talented 22-year-old trans-Andean. But these days it was revealed that the second DT of the course opposed the arrival of the former River Plate.

The reference is for Graham Potter, who signed a six-year deal with Chelsea after a stint at Brighton & Hove Albion. But he only lasted seven months in office. When the club’s senior staff consulted him about the signing of Fernández, he made clear his negative opinion on the matter.

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This was reported by The Guardian newspaper. The 48-year-old strategist assured that going for “too many signings” could pose a risk. In fact, a readjustment had to be made in the facilities due to the size of the squad. “The dressing room did not fit the squad,” admitted the Brazilian defender Thiago Silva. They were 600 million euros of investment. A record that served practically nothing.

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Graham Potter managed Chelsea for seven months in the season that just ended. He thought that Enzo Fernández “is overrated” when asked about hiring him. (Marc Atkins/Getty Images)

Former Chelsea manager opposed the signing of Enzo Fernández “for being overrated”

The aforementioned media also recounts the opinion that Graham Potter gave about Enzo Fernández and the exorbitant sum that it meant spending for Chelsea to keep the Qatar 2022 World Cup champion midfielder.

“It’s overrated” pointed out the coach, who also managed Swansea City and Östersunds FK from Sweden. He was right? We will have to see, but it is clear that his argument was not taken into account.

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