Why German Leopard 2 Tanks Have a Major Weakness

German machines have a major weakness, this is the armor of the ammunition compartment, which is located in the front of the tank

Leopard 2 tanks delivered from the West of Kiev continue to be somewhat unusual. Until now, no one had really seen this type of weapon in action. However, this is not entirely true, the world media reports.

Rare footage of a Leopard 2 hit by a Russian missile was found online. See what’s left after the hit.

The German Leopard 2 heavy tank, which was accepted into service in the Turkish army in 2018, was successfully defeated by the Kurds with the Soviet Fagot anti-tank weapons.

This mobile complex, which has been in production since the 1970s, has the ability to engage targets at a distance of up to 2 kilometers. That’s enough distance to deliver a crushing blow.

When describing the armor of the Leopard 2, it is customary to say that powerful heavy armor was used in the design of German tanks.

German quality, metal of the highest strength, active protections – what miracles are said about these machines.

However, even NATO engineers know one important detail: the placement of the Leopard 2’s armor plates is not very successful and does not protect the tank’s ammunition compartment.

Even additional protection systems do not help. And more importantly, this German monster’s Achilles heel is located right at the front of the tank.

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Getting her directly hit is no problem at all. It turns out that after the impact, the shells of the tank itself detonate.

In fact, the Soviet “Fagot” in 2018 hit the ammunition compartment in the front of the tank.

If you look at the footage of what is left of the war machine, you can come to the conclusion that the old Soviet complex simply opened the Leopard 2 like a can.

So the German monsters of the Ukrainian counter-offensive are not so scary.

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