Why Gambling wants Thatcher as a coalition partner

Photo of Margaret Thatcher as Minister of Education during a visit to a technical school in Stara Zagora in 1971.

Historically, the two differ slightly, but metaphorically there is a way for the example of the Iron Lady to serve to continue the change in our country.

I want a coalition partner Margaret Thatcher, said MP Hristo Petrov, better known by his rapper nickname Itzo Hazarta, in his first major political interview he gave to BTV on his birthday. He added that Bulgaria needs a rise in education, and what it wants to change is for children to go to school with interest.

It was through education that we found common ground between Gambling and the Iron Lady, as the English called Margaret Thatcher.

We formed them metaphorically through the archive of “24 hours”, where photos from the visit of Mrs. Thatcher as Minister of Education in 1971 and the personal high school card of Hristo Petrov as a student of 8th C grade of NGDEK from academic year 1993-1994

It is with some regret that we have found that Ms Thatcher and Mr Petrov have diverged in time, although a possible live meeting could lead to significant events.

As Minister of Education, Margaret Thatcher arrived in Bulgaria exactly 50 years ago and visited several of our schools – the English high schools in Sofia and Varna, the Mechanical Engineering College in the sea capital and the then Professional Chemical School “Dmitry Mendeleev” in Stara Zagora.

She was really impressed by what she saw there and on her return, landing at the airport in London on October 2, 1971, she gave an interview to the BBC, in which she praised the Bulgarian educational system.

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Only four years later, Margaret Thatcher headed the Conservative Party, and four more won parliamentary elections and became the first woman prime minister in Europe. He served three terms – until 1990, and the change continued throughout, to finally make his name in the history of Britain and the world.

This brief information can also serve as an idea for the career development of Mr. Hristo Petrov and so his metaphorical coalition with Mrs. Margaret Thatcher to happen in the name of our common good.


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