Why Emotional Intelligence is Key to Success: Test Your EQ with a Psychological Test

How developed are you, not only mentally, but also emotionally?

Parents pay much attention to the mental development of the child. However, it is worth devoting no less time to emotional intelligence. True, not everyone understands what it is. Recently, this term can be seen in many media, which, by the way, assure that for success in school and at work, it is much more important than the notorious IQ and hard skills. What is meant by emotional intelligence? This is the ability to recognize emotions, causes of actions and desires – not only your own, but also other people. A person with a well-developed EQ is able to easily find a common language with others and negotiate with them, quickly assess the situation in communication and look for ways to solve it, and also respond correctly to negativity. According to experts, people who have been working on their emotional intelligence since childhood are much more likely to enter prestigious educational institutions, find high-paying jobs, do not experience cravings for bad habits, and feel like happy people. In a word, it is no less important than mental intelligence.

How well developed is your emotional intelligence? Test yourself with a psychological test.

2023-06-04 09:15:00
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