why doesn’t this happen to teachers

The Dijon Academy is preparing a job dating to recruit contract agents on June 28. This is not at all appreciated by the teachers’ unions. A precedent had taken place on the academy of Versailles which had organized at the beginning of June a job dating, interviews of 30 minutes, to recruit contract workers, and had provoked the anger of the teachers.

It is a collective of teachers’ unions which does not tolerate the recruitment methods of the National Education. The inter-union FNE FP FO, FSU, SUD Education, SE-UNSA, CGT Éduc’action, SNALC, SGEN, CFDT calls for demonstrations in front of the Pôle Emploi Nord agency in Dijon Valmy at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, June 28.

The first job dating which took place at the Versailles Academy in early June had angered teachers.

The prospect of the new school year and the lack of staff encourages the National Education to organize “jobs datings “ to recruit contractual candidates, accessible at Bac+3 level.

According to Amélie Hart, member of the SNES-FSU, it is because of the first results in the National Education competitions: “the results in the competitions are not good! Some positions offered in the competitions are not filled!” The critical trade unionist “a strategy to gradually replace civil servants with contract workers.” On the Versailles Academy, the teachers’ unions denounced “an uberization of the profession”.

In Dijon, job-dating would make it possible to pre-recruit 30 to 70 teachers in certain secondary school subjects (technology, PE, English, music education, classics for example).

The civil service transformation law from August 6, 2019 would result, according to Amélie Hart, “to go towards contracting!”.
The text modifies the framework and practices of social dialogue in the civil service, widens the use of contract workers. It also deals with the mobility and professional transitions of agents.

Depending on the discipline, there is sectors where it is difficult to recruit. Like the North Côte-d’Or, or the Yonne. And certain disciplines are in chronic deficit of teachers: on the academy of Dijon, it misses for example about twenty posts of professors of technology.

This job dating would be, according to Amélie Hart, a way “to have available profiles of contract employees, to be able to contact them in case.”

The way job dating goes, in view of the precedents already carried out, concerns questions “on the relationship with students, on motivation, the image that candidates have of the profession, what does it mean to be a teacher…”. There would be no knowledge test, “the only test would be in fact their diplomas”.
The purpose would be for National Education, according to Amélie Hart, “to have a pool of available contractors, to be able to put names in the boxes.”

The unions obtained an inter-union hearing at 10 a.m. at Pôle Emploi, where the job dating takes place, to meet the members of the Rectorate of the Academy.

The inter-union demands a revaluation of the professionwages and working conditions, to make the job more attractive.
They also ask thestop job cuts : “year after year, students in teaching professions see the number of positions drop, which inevitably discourages them!”

This happens through the fact that “all the necessary positions are created, that exceptional recruitment competitions at the L3 level be organized with training that will ultimately enable an M2 level to be validated, and that
all part-time, exeats, availability, secondments, training leave, absences… are granted !“according to the press release from the inter-union.

Among the suggestions made by the teachers’ unions, the installation a pre-recruitment systemwhich would allow students to benefit from financial aid for studies, in exchange for their commitment to serve National Education.

The inter-union recalls that the contractual status is not enviable, that the precariousness of the profession is not good. Moreover, for them it is a form of “devaluation of the profession, thinking that one can become a teacher in the snap of a finger, and far from any expertise in the profession!”

Between the lines, it is the lack of teachers at the start of the school year that worries people. Amélie Hart asserts that “yes, iThere will be students with a teacher in front of them at the start of the school year, but teachers in what condition? The fear is having teachers who only last ten days and who will leave!

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